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Ensuring that your insurance agents have access to the tools they need is one of the best ways to set them up for success. But what types of tools do they need? And why does it matter?

Why Having the Right Tools Matters

Before getting into the tools that your insurance agents need, make sure you understand why they are so important. Simply put, the right tools will let your agents work more efficiently. They will have the information they need at their fingertips and be able to easily interact with clients. They can get accurate quotes more quickly and be less prone to mistakes.

From a business standpoint, this means that your agents can be more productive. They can potentially serve more clients in the same amount of time with the proper tools.

Having the right tools also helps with agent retention. Your insurance agents will feel supported and that they have what they need to be successful. As a result, they stay happy and fulfilled at work, reducing the risk of them quitting.

On top of that, being happy at work can lead to your agents delivering better customer service, improving client satisfaction.

With that in mind, what are some of the most important insurance tools that your agents should have access to?

A Website

Every insurance agency needs to have a website. This is where individual agents and your agency as a whole can promote your work. A website is also crucial for attracting new clients and lead generation.

Working with a professional team will make it easy to set up a solid website that achieves all of your goals and helps your agents with their tasks.

Insurance Agency Management Software

Having solid insurance agency management software will streamline nearly every single task that your team has to complete. It will give them access to information about policies, customers, and more. The best systems, such as Jenesis, incorporate features and capabilities of the other tools we will mention on this list.

Tools for Organization

The right insurance agency management system offers all the tools your agents need to stay organized. You’ll want to give your team the ability to easily organize notes, make lists, prioritize tasks, and complete other administrative tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Advanced software will also allow users to electronically sign documents, monitor transactions, and track time using an integrated system.

A document management tool is another important type of software that can be used for organization. You want to make sure your team has easy access to the forms and documents they need. They should be able to easily upload documents and other collateral for easier collaboration and securely download documents from insurance carriers whenever needed.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Insurance agents need a way to keep all of their client information organized. This lets agents deliver a more personalized experience and make more appropriate recommendations for insurance plans. Agents should also have tools for tracking previous interactions with customers and taking notes.

The best insurance agency management software will have these features built into it, so you can access everything in one convenient program.

Cross-Channel Communications

Your agents also need access to tools that let them communicate across various channels. From phone calls to emails, there are multiple ways that your agents may want to communicate with other members of your team and with their clients.

This is another feature you can get with some insurance agency management systems. They can include features like email integration and the ability to text or email directly from the platform.

Email Marketing

While email itself is a part of cross-channel communications, you can also get separate tools for email marketing and automation. Look for an email marketing system that includes automation and triggered events. It should also include the ability to segment your email list.

Social Media Tools

In the modern age, your agents should also have access to social media tools. Or at least the person in your agency responsible for social media marketing should have access to these tools. They can help you create campaigns and schedule posts to maintain a strong social media presence and bring in new clients.

Password Management

You should also consider giving your employees access to a password manager. These systems store and then autofill passwords, so your team doesn’t have to memorize a long list of secure passwords. A password manager also helps prevent security risks like reused passwords or having the passwords written down somewhere.


Your insurance agents need access to the right tools to be able to work effectively and deliver the high level of service your clients expect. The best insurance agency management software will frequently include most of the features, but you still may need to invest in a handful of specialized tools for your needs.