5 Ways to Keep Your Customers Engaged - woman on laptop and phone by pexels-andrea-piacquadio

Customer loyalty is a crucial part of any insurance agency, and part of that loyalty will come from engagement. But it can be overwhelming to figure out how to keep your customers engaged.

Understanding How to Boost Client Loyalty

Before getting into how you can keep your customers engaged, make sure you understand why this is so important to client loyalty. It comes down to your ability to prove your agency indispensable to your clients. The more your clients realize how much you do for them, the less likely they are to switch to another insurance agency.

Engagement helps with customer loyalty by showing your clients all the ways that you help them. You help them answer questions about their risk profile. You teach them about insurance via direct answers, your knowledge base, your blog, and maybe webinars. Some of those are also ways to keep your clients engaged. Take a closer look at how to keep clients engaged.

Make Sure the Basics Are in Good Shape

Your starting point for client engagement should be the basics. Make sure that clients can reach you when they need to. After all, how are they supposed to engage with you if they can’t even get a hold of you when they need to? This means making sure your phone support, webchat, email, and everything else is functional and that you have enough people on your team to handle the interactions.

With insurance, another basic type of engagement is providing personalized recommendations and the process of finding the right insurance policy. Confirm that this process helps create a relationship with your clients by making them feel that you address their needs and listen to their concerns.

Use Tech to Boost Engagement

When it comes to client engagement and loyalty, you don’t have to do it alone. The right technology can make a difference, especially in the case of something like a client portal. For example, the Jenesis client portal puts information about policies and more in the hands of your clients.

Clients can engage with your agency without directly interacting with anyone on your team. You can think of it as adding a touchpoint without having to use your team’s time to interact with clients. As a bonus, a strong client portal also helps clients feel like they’re in control of their policies and save time. They like that they can get instant answers instead of having to wait on the phone.

Use Client Personas to Plan Engagement

No matter the method you plan to use to engage with your clients, you should always do so with help from client personas. These comprise one of the best ways to understand your clients and ensure that you meet their needs.

When creating personas, don’t just assume that you know your client base. Look at the data and consider getting information from surveys. Additionally, don’t forget to update your personas regularly.

Remember that your ultimate goal for creating client personas is to better understand your clients. You want to understand why they want engagement from your agency and what type of engagement they prefer. The personas should help you create customer-centric services.

Use a Range of Digital Marketing Tactics

We’ve touched on some of the ways you can engage with your clients, such as blogs or webinars. In addition to these, you want to use the full range of digital marketing and content marketing tactics. Remember that every time you engage with your clients, you add another touchpoint. This can lead to renewals for existing clients and will help convert potential clients.

In addition to sharing educational information via blogs and webinars, consider recording videos. Also, don’t forget to harness the power of social media. Figure out which platforms your client base spends the most time on and focus on those platforms first.

Always Evaluate Your Efforts

Just like anything else in your insurance agency, you don’t want to just create a strategy to engage with clients and then assume it works. You need to track metrics and gather data to confirm that it does.

There are several ways to track the success of your engagement. You could look at the number of clients you engage with or how many times you engage with each client. Or you could look at overall satisfaction. Surveys are an incredibly useful source of data here.

As with anything else, your goal when tracking engagement is to confirm that your efforts are working. If engagement isn’t improving, you need to try another strategy.


Your insurance agency should always strive to improve engagement with clients. This will help create a more personal relationship and increase your clients’ trust in you. It will also help show them how useful your agency is and how you provide more than just insurance. With improved engagement, you should find yourself with more lead conversions and a better client retention rate.