6 Ways Your Insurance Agency Can Leverage AI - photo of chat logo icons by pexels-alok-sharma

Every insurance agency constantly strives to deliver a good client experience and improve efficiency. The right AI tools can help you do both at the same time. Chatbots, in particular, are among the most useful tools that your insurance agency can leverage. Take a look at some of the ways your insurance agency can put chatbots and AI to good use.

Understanding Chatbots

Before you can look at ways to use chatbots and their AI in your insurance agency, you need to understand what they are. Chatbots are software solutions that use artificial intelligence to communicate with people. Advanced chatbots can make it seem as if you are talking to a real person.

Chat Bots Are Already Being Used In The Insurance Industry

If you are hesitant to use chatbots in your agency, consider that numerous insurance companies already use chatbots. For example, Link4, the first Polish motor insurance policy to be sold online, uses Magda. Allianz has Allie on its website 24/7. Arbie is RBC Insurance’s chatbot. Co-Op Banking Group has a chatbot named Mia. The Swedish Social Insurance Agency has been using Hanna, a chatbot, since 2003!

Chatbots for Automated Underwriting

One of the most interesting use cases of AI and chatbots in insurance is automating underwriting. The chatbot can collect data from potential clients in a more natural manner than just asking them to fill out a form. This improves the customer experience, along with client satisfaction.

Chatbots for Education and Awareness

Running insurance agencies involves a lot of education. You need to answer clients’ questions about insurance in general, as well as those about how your products or services work. While using an intuitive insurance agency management system like Jenesis along with our client portal can reduce questions, there will always be some it cannot address well.

Using a chatbot is a great way to quickly answer the general questions that clients and potential clients have. You can use chatbots to explain what to expect from the process or suggest the best policy.

This chatbot use case gives your insurance agency two important benefits. It frees up your team to focus on other tasks, boosting efficiency. It also ensures that clients can get answers quickly at any time of the day, improving satisfaction. You will notice that most of the chatbot applications for insurance provide similar benefits.

Chatbots to Handle Leads

There are plenty of use cases for chatbots dealing with leads. We already mentioned that the AI tech can educate customers about the process. But your bots can also gather lead information, such as email addresses or phone numbers.

Segmenting Leads

You can set up your chatbots to ask questions to let you segment your leads as well. This will streamline the interaction between your agents and the clients, making everyone involved happy.

This ability to segment your leads is especially helpful if various members of your team handle different types of insurance. That way, clients won’t have to get passed around between agents; they can start with the right one.

Responding to Leads Quickly

One of the great things about using chatbots for leads is that they let you respond to clients instantly. This is crucial as you are much less likely to convert someone into a client if you don’t answer their question within five minutes. But depending on the size of your agency, this isn’t always possible. A chatbot can step in to help fill the gap. Potential leads will still want to talk to an actual person, but they are willing to wait longer if a chatbot answers them in the meantime.

Chatbots for Processing Claims

You can easily program your chatbot to help with the insurance claim process. Have the bot ask clients the relevant questions and submit the appropriate information. Even if you have a real person look over the gathered information, you will save time by having the AI collect most of it.

Chatbots for Payment Assistance

Another potential use of chatbots is to streamline payments. You can set up a chatbot to let clients know how much they owe or even provide a link for payments.

Chatbots to Gather Feedback

You can use chatbots as an effective way to get feedback or reviews from clients. Customers are more likely to respond to you over live chat than over email. The engagement from a live chat stands out from the typical static website experience, improving response rates. Use this to collect feedback and see where you need to make changes.


Chatbots are easily among the most useful AI applications for insurance agencies. Using chatbots lets you free up the time of your staff while improving the customer experience. Your insurance agency can use chatbots for a range of functions, from gathering and segmenting leads to suggesting policies. Chatbots can also help with claims processing, gathering feedback, and more.