6 Ways to Show Your Clients Some Love This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to show your clients how much you appreciate them. You can take advantage of this special day just like you would any other holiday.

Remember that holidays offer an opportunity to reach out to your clients naturally. This will help build your relationship with them, improving their chances of continuing to use your insurance agency. It will also keep your agency fresh in their minds, helping with your marketing efforts.

With that in mind, here are some ways your insurance agency can show your clients some love this Valentine’s Day.

Send Them Valentines

The most obvious way to show your appreciation for clients is to send them valentines. When done right, this could be a thoughtful gesture that works similarly to when you send them holiday cards during the winter holidays.

You can also opt for a more modern variation and send the valentines over email. Your insurance agency management system can do this via its email integration.

Keep the valentines small and simple if you have more clients or a smaller budget. But if you have fewer clients or some in particular tend to bring in more sales, consider larger valentines. You could even send them chocolates or flowers in addition to a card. Of course, this would depend on the number of clients you have and your budget.

Make a Social Media Post

If you are on a tight budget or have time constraints, consider just sticking to a social media post for Valentine’s Day.

As with any other post you make on social media, do your best to make it engaging. For example, ask them to share their Valentine’s Day plans. This helps build a community and creates connections between you and your clients.

Make a Video

Instead of just creating a post on social media or sending clients a digital valentine, consider making a video to do so. Videos have the benefit of increasing engagement. You can get as creative as you want, creating a video that is funny, fun, heartwarming, or anything else that makes sense for your agency.

You can also combine the video with other elements on this list. For example, post it on social media or email it to clients. Or use it in a giveaway that people can enter by sharing the video.

Consider a Giveaway

Instead of giving every one of your clients a valentine, consider creating a giveaway with a handful of larger prizes. The prizes could be directly related to your services—such as a discount on their next monthly premium.

Or you can find a prize that relates to the type of insurance you offer. For example, if you sell auto insurance, you could give away a car accessory or gift card to a store that sells them. If you sell home insurance, you could give away a gift card for a home improvement store.

Depending on how you have people register for the giveaway, you can also use it to boost engagement or spread your brand name. You could even include potential new clients and use it to grow your email marketing list.

Get Feedback from Clients—And Listen to It

Your clients will always appreciate it when you ask them for feedback and use their suggestions. After all, this is a great way for you to address any potential issues they may have with either your insurance policies or your sales processes.

Valentine’s Day offers a great opportunity to get this feedback. You can frame it as wanting to create the best client experience possible because you care about your clients.

Of course, make sure to actually incorporate the suggestions that clients make when they make sense. For example, if clients say they want easier access to their insurance information, you could integrate the client portal from Jenesis. Or if they say they would like more educational information on insurance, you could expand your blog or offer webinars.

Volunteer in the Community

Just like every other holiday, you should have no problem finding some excellent volunteer opportunities for Valentine’s Day. See what types of events are going on and if you can contribute in some way.

This shows your clients love by showing your appreciation for the community. As a bonus, it also helps with marketing, as more people will see the name of your insurance agency.


Insurance agencies should take advantage of any opportunity they have to increase engagement with clients and to market their agency. Valentine’s Day offers a great opportunity to do both of these things. By interacting with your clients, you keep your agency fresh in their minds. You also get to show them that you appreciate their business. That combination increases your ability to retain clients, as well as their likelihood of recommending you to others. Depending on your Valentine’s Day strategy, you may also attract new clients.