screen shot of an insurance agency website

One of the most important steps when setting up your insurance agency is to build your website. You also want to make sure to periodically make relevant changes as your agency changes. But building an insurance agency website does not have to be intimidating. You can use the following as a checklist of the must-have features and characteristics of your site.

Make It Mobile-ready

Perhaps the most important feature of your insurance agency website is its mobile readiness. Remember that a very large proportion of your potential clients and clients will visit your website from their smartphone or tablet. You want to ensure that they have the same great experience as someone would on a desktop.

Take this a step further and confirm that the website displays well on various mobile devices and with various mobile browsers.

Keep Things Clear and Concise

When creating content for your insurance agency website, be sure to keep your text clear and concise. If there is too much writing on the page, visitors will gloss over it or even leave your website and find another insurance agent. If there isn’t enough, it’ll be difficult to achieve good rankings in the search engines.

To keep the writing clear and highlight important elements, make use of bold fonts, bullets, and other methods of varying your formatting.

For text that you simply can’t shorten, consider breaking it up with photos.

Professional Photos

While you don’t technically need professional photos on your insurance agency website, you should at least make sure your pictures look like it. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to pay for these photos. You can look at various libraries of free photos.

That being said, it doesn’t hurt to pay a little bit for professional photos, assuming your budget can afford it. At the very least, get professional headshots for every person in your agency.

When looking for photos to use on your page, make sure they are high-quality and look good even when zoomed in. Avoid images that have elements cropped out or cut off, such as someone’s limb. You also want to avoid images with clutter.

Craft an About Page

Those professional headshots that you get for everyone who works at your agency should go on your “About” page, although you may also want to place some of them elsewhere on your website. But those photos are just one element of the about page.

This page of your website is an introduction to your agency for potential clients. So, you want it to highlight your experience and the fact that clients enjoy working with you. But you don’t want it to come off too pushy. This is the time to list all of your relevant designations as well as what sets your agency apart from others.

List Your Contact Information

Although it should hopefully be obvious, always ensure that you have your contact information on your website. Include every method of contacting you, such as email, phone, and social media.

Include Testimonials

Your About page is not the only part of your website that you will use to convince visitors to work with your agency. You should also include reviews and testimonials. These provide social proof for your agency and give potential clients more confidence in working with you.

Gather Leads

Make sure you have a way of converting your website traffic into potential leads. The easiest way to do this is with an opt-in form on your website. This can be a pop-up, a footer, or on your “Contact” page. Make sure that each product page has a strong Call To Action that allows users to easily contact you.

Create a Blog

Strongly consider creating a blog for your insurance agency website as well. This will serve several purposes. To start, it will help significantly with your search engine optimization. That, in turn, should increase the chances that people searching online for insurance will find your agency. This benefit is especially true if you choose your keywords carefully and create useful content that encourages organic backlinks.

Blogs are also a great way to bring people to your website and showcase your expertise. Think of blog posts as a way of showing website visitors that you know the ins and outs of insurance. They are much more likely to want to work with an agency that knows all of the tiny details, as this should increase the chance of getting affordable coverage that fits their needs.

Consider Professional Assistance

Remember that you don’t have to create your insurance agency website yourself. Our team has created hundreds of websites for insurance agencies all over the country. We’d love to help your agency, too! Contact us today for a free website demo!