the word "easy" in a dictionary

Part of running a successful insurance agency is ensuring that your customers are happy with the experience of working with you. In addition to offering friendly service and great coverage at fair prices, you can do this by making things as easy as possible for your clients.

There are plenty of things you can do to achieve this, but the following are some of the most important.

Take Advantage of the Jenesis Portal

The Jenesis Portal is the perfect example of how you can make it easier for your clients without having to put in any extra effort on your end. Your customers can access the Client Portal from any device just by visiting the website.

They can then use the portal to find all the information they are likely to need. To start, the portal lets them confirm their contact information, as well as the information for the first and second insured.

It clearly shows your insurance agency’s contact information and details about their policies. Instead of having to contact you for a refresher on what’s included in their policy, what they pay, or when payment is due, they can find everything in the portal.

The portal even makes life easier for your clients by giving them access to ID cards and certificates of insurance.

Have an Up-to-date Website

Another step toward ensuring that things are easy for your customers as possible is making sure to update your website regularly.

Make It Easy for Clients to Contact You

The most important reason to ensure your website is up-to-date is so that your customers can always contact you with ease. After all, your website should have your phone number, email address, address, and any other contact methods, such as links to your social media platforms, if you have them.

Remember that you don’t want customers to have to search to find your contact information. Between the Jenesis Portal and your updated website, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Give Clients All the Information They Need

The other aspect of updating your website is ensuring that it has all of the information that your current and potential clients are most likely to need access to. For example, you will want to have detailed information about the types of policies you offer and which insurance carriers you offer policies from.

You will want a page outlining your experience and why you are the right insurance agent for their needs. It’s also smart to include a FAQ page or something similar. The idea behind a blog or FAQ is simple. You want to give your clients access to the resources they need to answer their questions without having to contact you. This saves both of you time.

As a bonus, having a detailed website with lots of relevant information can help you attract clients. It can build your image as an industry authority and show potential clients that you know insurance inside and out. That, in turn, implies that you should be equipped to meet their needs.

Engage in Account Rounding

You may think of account rounding as just a sales technique that boosts your revenue, but it also makes life easier for your customers. After all, with account rounding, you encourage them to open more policies with you. The result is that they can manage all of their policies in one spot.

When you encourage account rounding, your clients will see all of their policies on the Jenesis Portal, giving them access to all of the information they need for each account from a single website.

There’s also the convenience of them only having to work with you and your agency. They don’t have to organize or remember contact information for multiple agencies. They even save time paying their insurance bills, as they can do so from one place.

Be Easy to Contact and Available

The common theme among the previous points is that you want your clients to have access to information as easily and seamlessly as possible. Take this a step further and make sure that you are easy to contact. As mentioned, your agency’s contact information will appear on the Jenesis Portal and should be on your website.

But you can make it easier for clients by offering the contact methods that they want. For example, consider offering the ability to text your company with quick questions. Talk to your clients and see what methods they would like to use to reach you, then offer those.

Making It Easy on Customers Boosts Your Sales

Making your customers’ lives a little easier will lead to more sales. Your current clients are more likely to sign up for more services with you and renew their insurance through you. They are also more likely to recommend you to family and friends or leave reviews that encourage others to hire your agency.

The bottom line is that the easier things are for your customers, the happier they are. And the happier they are, the more likely they are to stick around with your company and refer their friends to it as well.