Working in the insurance industry can be very rewarding. Those who are successful can also have very lucrative careers. But it is not uncommon for insurance professionals to have difficulty talking to clients and selling policies over the phone.

Phone skills can be learned over time. But insurance agents need to know how to get over their fear of talking to potential customers and selling policies. Excellent sales skills, as well as being able to speak on the phone, can make a big difference in how successful an insurance agent is. Use the following tips to make it easier to sell insurance over the phone:

Make Sure That You’re Calm Before Each Call

If speaking on the phone to potential customers tends to make you nervous, you need to calm yourself before each call. Being in the best mind frame possible will help you when making calls. Just a few minutes of preparation can make a difference.

There are several things that you can do to prepare before talking to potential clients. Deep breathing exercises can help you de-stress and unwind. Repeating positive affirmations can also improve your mood and help you sell insurance policies over the phone. Figure out what makes you feel most comfortable and confident, and do that before work each day.

Avoid Non-Stop Talking

Selling an insurance policy over the phone involves a transaction between two people. You are not likely to have success if you begin talking non-stop as soon as a potential customer answers the phone. Listening is essential.

Being ready to converse with a potential customer is critical. You can use a script to help you make points about what type of policy you’re selling, but don’t just read from a script alone. You should be well prepared before a call. A conversational tone and attitude will result in more success compared to simply reading a sales pitch.

Utilize Your Insurance Agency Management System

Make sure that you take advantage of your insurance agency management system. You can refer to the program for notes about the types of policies that you’re selling. The more information you have when making sales calls, the better you will do. Having access to a comprehensive insurance agency management system software ensures that you can quickly find answers to any question that a potential customer may have.

Be Ready to Answer Questions

It is never a good idea to begin calling potential customers until you have in-depth knowledge about the insurance policies that you are selling. The more you know, the more likely people will trust you. Most people also feel a lot more comfortable making sales calls when they’ve completely understood all the details about what they are selling.

It is well worth your time to study first when it comes to selling insurance policies over the phone. Don’t start making sales calls too early. Take the time to learn as much as you can about what you’re selling. A deep understanding of the insurance policies that you’re selling will also help ensure that you don’t stumble on your answers if questions are asked.

Take Time to Build Rapport

Most people don’t like a hard sell. This is especially true over the phone. If you want to be successful in selling insurance policies over the phone, you need to learn how to build a rapport with your customer. Learning how to do small talk and engage a person in conversation can go a long way.

You will most likely feel much more comfortable selling insurance over the phone after learning how to build rapport. Once you make someone feel more comfortable speaking with you, the more likely they are to listen to you when you tell them about the different insurance policies that are available.


If you’re new to the insurance industry, feeling nervous about phone sales is completely normal. However, many insurance agents make a lot of their sales by contacting customers over the phone. Getting over the fear of selling insurance policies over the phone will make a big difference in your career.

One of the keys to successfully selling insurance policies over the phone is being prepared. You need to be able to explain the details of each policy and answer questions. Being personable and establishing rapport over the phone can also build trust. The more you practice selling insurance over the phone, the more successful you will be.