an insurance agent using an insurance agent script

While it’s hard to imagine, even the best insurance agencies follow predetermined scripts. Usually, agents use them as part of selling or marketing the different available products. However, you’ll find these same scripts on insurance agency websites and throughout social media.

While scripts might seem impersonal, they add value. As an example, scripts keep agents on the same page. That way, 10 agents working for the same insurance agency can all send the same consistent message.

Now, most insurance agents customize the information to some degree based on the potential client. Although some agencies use scripts when dealing with current clients, these more commonly focus on prospects. Scripts are especially a powerful marketing tool for cold calling.

Not only do scripts ensure that prospects hear the same message, but they also help agents avoid potential pitfalls. For instance, if an agency hires an agent who’s relatively new to the insurance industry, that individual could inadvertently say something non-factual or even misleading. Well-written scrips benefit both clients and agents.

Scripts that Grab Attention and Prompt Action

The best insurance agencies work extremely hard to provide clients with a personalized experience. A great script doesn’t take away from that. Instead, it enhances the interaction between an agent and prospect. Simply put, both potential and existing clients receive identical information, yet it’s customized accordingly.

The goal is to connect with the target audience and then encourage potential clients to contact your agency to inquire about a policy. The following are a few examples of what great scripts look like and the scenarios in which they work best.

Effective Insurance Scripts

Remember, these insurance scripts work with phone calls, in-person meetings, on social media platforms, and on an insurance agency’s website.

Here’s a good general script to follow.

“Hello. How are you today? I work for (agency) and I’d like to see if I can save you some money on your homeowner’s insurance. Do you have a couple of minutes?”

If the client agrees, the agent can begin asking some prequalifying questions to determine which types of coverage the prospect may need.

Whether the client answers yes or no, the agent can continue with something like, “If you haven’t heard of (agency), I would like to share some of the reasons why (insurance company) is unique from other agencies. While we offer a host of policy types, we specialize in (area of insurance). We also have competitive pricing. Our entire staff continually works to ensure the client has the right protection while looking for ways to save them money.”

If the potential client shows interest, the agent can then gather information and then offer the applicable solutions. Now, if an agency is using non-licensed employees to make these calls, this is when they would ask the prospect if they can transfer the call to an experienced agent. Before transferring the call, make sure to get the prospect’s name and phone number just in case the call disconnects.

This insurance agency script is ideal when an agent or employee doesn’t have much time to get the prospect’s attention.

“Hi, my name is (agent) and I’m calling you from (insurance company). As with most people, you’re probably interested in saving money. Well, we have an amazing lineup of insurance products, each affordably priced. At (agency), we don’t offer our clients cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we customize coverage based on each client’s needs. Can I have a moment to show you where you may be paying to much or where you may be leaving yourself vulnerable? We’re often able to save our clients money and provide them with better coverage at the same time.”

When pitching a free quote, this is the type of script to use.

“Good (morning/afternoon). My name is (agent) and I’m calling from (insurance company). Is this (prospect’s name)? If the potential customer confirms the caller reached the correct party, they would continue with the script. “Great. I won’t take up much of your time, but I would like to offer you a free quote on (the type of insurance coverage the prospect currently has or what they want more information about).”

You can always tweak scripts based on how prospects react. Just keep them informal, quick, and to the point. If your agents say the right trigger words that get potential client’s attention, they have a real shot of selling a policy. As your agency’s client base increases, you’ll need a way to keep information organized. A perfect solution is an insurance agency management system. Having client and prospect data handy can go a long way in maintaining the personalized feel of your calls, even if you’re using a script.

One final note, not all prospects contacted by your agency will have the same knowledge of insurance. So, it’s important for your team to recognize current policyholders from those who’ve never had insurance coverage. With that, they can fine-tune the script, so they’re not talking down to people who understand insurance yet educating those who don’t.

The most critical thing about using scripts? Consistency! Keep at it!