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In July, Jenesis Software acquired the assets of Georgia-based Advantage Information Systems, Inc., more popular as The Agency Advantage. For insurance agencies around the country, this announcement is huge.

Both Jenesis and The Agency Advantage are highly respected leaders in the field of insurance agency management systems. As standalone companies, they provide independent insurance agencies with remarkable solutions that allow them to work more effectively and efficiently. The bottom line is that they both help agencies grow.

With the acquisition, insurance agencies can anticipate even more support, which increases the opportunity to achieve success. The insurance industry faces unique challenges in today’s digital world, and for that reason, it requires unique solutions. The combination will help them access solutions they need to overcome obstacles considered extremely difficult.

How Jenesis’ Acquisition of The Agency Advantage Makes a Difference

Tom Preston conceived the idea of The Agency Advantage over 30 years ago. He recognized a growing need for independent insurance agencies to have workable and scalable management software. As policies expanded and more consumers began to purchase insurance, solutions at that time didn’t suffice.

There are many reasons why independent insurance agencies feel excited about seeing Jenesis and The Agency Advantage join forces. Since the first day of opening for business, both companies put a lot of emphasis on providing stellar customer service. Now, insurance agencies can anticipate even better support.

Another unique aspect of the union of Jenesis and The Agency Advantage is that both organizations stress the value of personalized training. Rather than stop, training should continue but on a higher level. When independent insurance agencies purchase the new and improved agency management software, they won’t need to figure things out themselves. Instead, they’ll receive the necessary training to help them master the program.

“We are grateful to join these two companies together. Jenesis and The Agency Advantage complement each other so well in technology, team, organization, and culture.” – Lisa Price, Vice President

Simply put, the amazing benefits that each company provides have come together under one breakthrough organization that covers all aspects of insurance.

A Far Better Customer Experience

When talking about the “customer,” that relates to the agents who work for independent insurance agencies, as well as their policyholders. Under the combined company, agents using The Agency Advantage platform have two options:

  • Continue to use the software that you’re used to and receive the same great support that you always have
  • Migrate over to JenesisNow, which has some exciting new features

Either way, insurance agents can perform in-depth searches, maintain client information, stay organized, and offer a more professional and personalized service.

As for policyholders, now that independent insurance agencies have access to additional resources, they’ll experience enhanced service, more savings, and stronger connections with their agents.

With the merger of Jenesis and The Agency Advantage, you’ve got two companies with talented teams becoming one. As a result, the insurance industry just took a huge leap forward. You’ll have a powerful support team that’s willing to assist whenever needed.

A True Powerhouse

When two key industry players work together, only good things can happen. Jenesis Software has been offering leading solutions for independent insurance agencies for more than 20 years.

The Agency Advantage has more than 30 years of experience helping independent agencies achieve their goals. It is a forward-thinking company that isn’t afraid to step outside of the box. Combined, agencies and policyholders alike will now receive more than 50 years of expertise with the combination of Jenesis and The Agency Advantage.

Whether agencies stick with The Agency Advantage, which remains available, or they decide to migrate to JenesisNow, they won’t have to spend a fortune. Regardless of the choice, the agency management software solutions offered by Jenesis and The Agency Advantage remain cost-effective.

Key Characteristics of Jenesis and The Agency Advantage

On their own, both companies have a lot to offer. Together, all their positive characteristics become stronger and more beneficial. Here are just a few of the things that independent insurance agencies can count on.

  • Unprecedented customer service and support
  • Personalized training
  • Greater efficiency
  • Motivation to drive even harder
  • Time-saving features
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Smart task list reminders
  • Email integration
  • Company downloads

Rather than move forward in the insurance industry as key players on their own, Jenesis and The Agency Advantage are working as one. They are leading the way so that independent insurance agencies can continue to grow and achieve their goals.