We’ve been hard at work rolling out a number of enhancements and feature requests.  Here’s what’s changed:


  • We added the ability to make general receipts in JenesisNow. General receipts are made from the client level.  You cannot attach these receipts to a specific policy. Policy-level receipts are made from the policy.
  • When choosing a policy type for a client, the policy types are now in Alphabetical order making it easier to search for what you need.
  • JenesisNow will automatically change a Client status in certain situations. When a policy is saved, the following criteria are evaluated:
    • If the client status is ‘Source’, ‘Deleted’, ‘Merged’, or ‘Unacceptable’, or if the client has no policies, this is skipped
    • If the client has an active policy then client status is set to ‘Active.’
    • If the client has no active policies and they have a pending quote the client status is set to ‘Prospect.’
    • If the client has no active policies and no pending quotes, but there is a policy with the status of ‘Quoted’ that has been entered or changed within the last 90 days, the client status is set to ‘Prospect.’
    • Otherwise, the client status is set to ‘Inactive.’
  • When a client is accessed, the action is logged to the Agency Transaction Log (viewable by pulling the Transaction Log report)


  • J-Mails now show all users that were copied on the J-Mail.
  • When adding a policy from downloads to an existing client or when adding a client and policy from downloads to Jenesis, if there is not a matching carrier in Company Setup, Jenesis will alter the user and not allow them to add the policy until the carrier has been added to Company Setup.
  • Emails in the Email tab of the Client Main Screen are now associated with the Client ID so if the customer changes their email address, the email history of emails sent to or from the previous email address will continue to show on the list.
  • Added an option to filter the email tab for the email subjects.
  • You are now able to access the Acord 101 Additional Remarks Schedule directly from the Certificate of Insurance.
  • Added one field for the type of limit and one for the limit amount in the Certificate of Insurance.
  • Increased the space available for you to type your insured a personal message on their receipt.
  • When generating the worksheet from quote control for a homeowner policy, the user is now prompted as to whether or not to include the comparison rates.
  • Added a way for users to remove Acord forms from the recently created list.
  • Jenesis Maintenance Option under “Utilities” dropdown menu is no longer visible for any Jenesis user other than a Jenesis Team Member.
  • Personal Auto Statement of Coverage now includes the Garage Address.
  • We renamed the Posted to Company label on receipts to ALREADY Posted to Company.
  • Now when adding policies from downloads, if the premium change is equal to the premium, Jenesis will not update premium change in Jenesis to that amount.
  • Modified the Production by Term by Company report on the Personal Lines tab of Production Reports to also group by New Business and Renewal. This allows the user to see totals for New Business and totals by Renewals.
  • Removed the NAIC Code Lookup feature in Company Setup, this is now handled automatically by the Company Name field.
  • Changed the name of Quote vs Written report to Quote vs Written and updated the description for accuracy.
  • Jenesis will no longer let the user attempt to export a policy from Quote Control to Jenesis without a policy type.
  • Added the description to the certificate holder list.
  • Certificate search now filters after choosing from the Filter for drop down and not just after entering a value in the Search field.
  • Added Named Storm and Hurricane deductibles to the Home Binder.

Coming Soon…

JenesisNow Email Integration – giving you the ability to see all communication to and from your clients right from within their profile. Stay tuned. You don’t want to miss the release of this!