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As an insurance agent, the best way you can love and support your community is by providing quality coverage and well-rounded accounts. The more people you insure, the more people you will protect. Community engagement can help you reach your goal of protecting more people in your city or town. This strategy will allow you to support your community while building recognition for your insurance agency. As you become more recognizable, you will have the opportunity to write more policies that will take care of the people in your community.

Let’s go over how you can use community engagement to give back and promote your insurance agency. Then, put these strategies in action, so you can support your neighbors.

Sponsor and Attend Community Events

Sponsoring and attending local events is an excellent way to engage with your community. This will help you build goodwill with the people in your community and make them more aware of your insurance agency.

You likely have a limited time and budget, so spend some time finding the right events to support. Look for events with high attendance rates but few sponsors. Also, make sure the cost of sponsorship fits into your budget. Then, sign up as a sponsor, so you can reach lots of people in the community at once.

Participate in Events

Does your community have any organized events, such as walks or runs? You can participate as an agency. Sign up and then attend, wearing branded clothing. Community members will notice that your team is standing alongside them during the event. That will cause them to see you as more than an agency. They’ll realize you are a valuable part of the community and invested in supporting the people you serve.

Coach a Sports Team

Is there a sports team in your community looking for a coach? You can step in and provide your services. As a coach, you will bond with players and play an essential role in their development. You’ll also build trust with their parents, which is vital as an insurance agent. The relationship can carry over into the insurance world. When their parents are shopping around for insurance policies, they will remember your role as a coach. They’ll already know and trust you, so they’ll be more likely to reach out for your services.

Volunteer at a School

You can also connect with students and parents by helping out at a local school. Some insurance agents choose to run for the school board. Others volunteer in the PTA or other organizations. Identify opportunities in your area and then get involved. Along with parents and students, you will also form relationships with teachers and administrators when you volunteer at a school. These relationships will help you meet your community’s insurance needs.

Have Volunteer Days

Volunteering for non-profits is another fantastic way to support your community. Wear branded clothing and help out at a local animal shelter or another organization. Your team members will grow closer through volunteering, and you will show others that you genuinely care about the community as a whole. By showing your caring side, you’ll prove to others that you’re the right insurance agent for them.

Hold Seminars

You can also support your community by hosting informational seminars. Consider partnering with others to educate the community on the products and services they need to stay safe. You can explain why insurance isn’t just a luxury but a necessity. By highlighting the importance of insurance, you can increase your book of business while helping the community.

Show Your Support By Shopping Locally

You can show your support for the community by shopping at local establishments. Research shows that $0.67 of every dollar you spend at a local business stays in your community. By shopping locally, you’ll show your community that you are invested in its economic success. People will also be more likely to reach out to your agency when they see that you are a paying member of the community.

Remember Important dates

You can also engage in your community on an individual level. Set reminders for birthdays and anniversaries, and reach out to customers on those special days. A simple phone call can go a long way in showing people that you care. When you care about your community on a personal level, people are likely to trust you with their insurance policies. Then, you can cross-sell insurance products that they need to stay safe and secure.

Grow Your Book of Business Through Community Engagement

Your end goal might be to grow your book of business, but that starts with community engagement. Become a visible and helpful member of the community. Build trust and recognition and then serve your community by providing high-quality insurance products.