Have you been wondering what options Jenesis provides for storing details of Life and Health policies?


This tutorial video shows you how and where to store detailed policy information for your customers, group policies, and even employee information pertaining to Dental, Health, and Life Insurance policies.

This affordable insurance agency management system from jenesissoftware.com is your dream come true for managing and storing detailed policy information for Life and Health Insurance.

Jenesis Classic – Life and Health Demo

Begin by signing in with your username, location, and password. You’ll arrive at the Jenesis Main Screen in your user Dashboard.

Select a client profile and select the Life/Health tab in the center of your screen. Notice in the example there are policies listed for Major Medical, Life, and Health. Dental policies may also be listed here. Within each category, the options are similar per policy type.

Double click on Health policy line to open the the health policy details. Notice the Company and Carrier information is located at the top, left of the policy page, Line of Business and premium details are in the center toward the top, and term and policy expiration details are at the top, right.

Bonus Tip:
The date range in the term box is customizable if you don’t have a 6 month or 12 month term.

Click the Coverages button to navigate into further details about the policy. Notice the tabs labeled General, Dependents, and Group on this screen.

The General tab contains general policy information such as the policy and group numbers, the deductible, plan maxes, co-pays, co-insurance, and details about the named insured like age, smoker status, and beneficiary.

If you need to add a plan name beyond the typical Dental, Health, and Life options, you can select the little blue box to the right of the “Plan Name” and add as needed.

Select the Dependents tab at the top to see the names, relationships, and other details about dependents listed on the policy.

Select the Group tab at the top to view Group Health Policy details and employees listed on that plan.

To dig deeper into an employee’s information through the Group Health tab, double click on the Details link listed next to the employee’s name. This is where you may view the employee’s coverage information and any dependents listed on the policy.


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