Jenesis Software, an insurance agency management system, helps Insurance Agents to efficiently manage personal and commercial clients while building strong relationships with policyholders.


The Best Agencies

The best agencies strive to establish a relationship with clients and one way to do this is to send personalized messages on receipts. You’re likely searching for ways to connect with your customer, and one great way to do this is to provide a custom thank you note right on their receipt.


This New Feature

This new feature will allow you to change the default receipt message easily, in the receipt window, with specific content tailored to your client.

When processing a Personal Lines or Commercial Lines receipt in Jenesis, (click the “New Receipt” button at the bottom of the Client Main Screen) notice the “Comment to Print on Receipt” box in the bottom left corner of the receipt window.

A previous update displayed this as a blank field where you could replace the default message from Agency Setup with a custom thank you note for your client.

With this update, the “Comment to Print on Receipt” field is populated in the receipt window and displays the default, Agency Setup message.

Now that you can see the default message in this receipt window, you may prefer to insert a personalized note above or below the default message. You may also choose to replace the default message completely.

A right-click of the mouse inside the “Comment to Print on Receipt” box allows font customization such as font color, bold type, and additional formatting options.


Agency Preferences

Ctrl + A takes you to Agency Setup, where you’ll click on the Preferences tab to customize this further.


Bonus Tip

If you’d like to store your Insured’s photo, in the Client Main Screen, notice the “Insured Photo” button toward the top right corner of the screen, just below the “Add New Quote” button.

This is where you can store useful client photos, such as a photocopy of their ID or Drivers’ License.

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