As an Independent Insurance Agent, I am almost positive you have heard the term “Trade Show” or “Convention”. This is referring to a large gathering of Insurance Companies, Agency Management Systems, Brokers, and Independent Insurance Agents all looking to gain more knowledge and even new business. I am writing this blog to talk about why I love trade shows: specifically, trade shows geared toward Insurance. I work for Jenesis Software, an Agency Management System developed for Independent Insurance Agencies. When I attend a trade show, I’m usually a vendor hoping to catch the eye of an independent insurance agent looking for a new agency management system. That is not always my main goal and there are several reasons why I love trade shows.

There is so much energy surrounding an insurance convention.

It is rejuvenating and motivating. Don’t get me wrong – preparing is tough, the traveling is exhausting, and not sleeping in my own bed isn’t something I look forward to. But, the trade show itself is exhilarating and makes it all worth it. There are so many new faces, friendships to make, relationships to build, old friends to reconnect with, new ideas to soak up, and let’s not forget about the yummy food and adult beverages that are almost always present during a trade show.

Meeting competitors is one of my favorite things about trade shows. I find it to be a great opportunity to learn and get to know people in the industry. Hearing and learning different approaches in a fun atmosphere is the best! There’s no better way to enhance your knowledge than interaction with others. Developing these networks will help you personally and your business.

No matter what your position is when attending a trade show, there is always potential for new business and growth. I not only enjoy interacting with prospects, but look forward to seeing current customers of Jenesis as well. It is nice to put a face with a name. This also becomes a great opportunity to gain feedback about your product. We all know how important retention is in addition to gaining new customers, and building that rapport face to face with a current customer is critical.

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, whether you are a vendor looking to make a sale or an independent insurance agent just shopping around, I believe we can all benefit from attending trade shows. I hope this will give you a little motivation to attend one. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Independent Insurance Agent