Insurance Sales Tips from Jenesis Software

Knowing your business is half the battle.  What you do with that information is the other.  In the day to day world of P&C you write numerous auto policies.  Some are full coverage and some are liability only.  Using this information to your benefit is invaluable. Jenesis gives you a way to pull Full Coverage and Liability Reports in a variety of formats.  From Summary Reports to detailed views grouped by User or Carrier.

  1.  It lets you know how many policies you’re writing
  2. Take this information and build successful cross selling lists

Using your information

Before you get started know your clients.  Are the majority of your customers writing Liability only?  Can you increase the traffic to full coverage?  Are you positioning your agency in the capacity that promotes this.? Full coverage insurance is much more beneficial to your customers.  If they were to be involved in an accident a few more dollars could mean the difference.  It takes the struggle out of paying for the damage on their own car.  With the right add-on’s they can even get rental car.

Can you cross sell to these customers?  If a client has liability only why not encourage them to look in to full coverage.  Along with these handy reports you can combine them with Jenesis Software’s ability to create email templates and successfully cross market full coverage auto and many other lines of business.

To pull the reports

  1.  From the Jenesis Main Screen Click Reports and Production
  2. Choose the Auto Tab
  3. Place a check mark in the report view you want to see
  4. Select a Date Range
  5. Click Preview

Remember you can click on certain fields to drill down to the client level and in certain cases the policy.

To see how to pull these useful reports check out our video.