When I was first assigned the task to write one blog by next Friday, my first reaction was “Why?!”. I’ve never even considered blogging and was really unsure how to approach it at all.  After days of brainstorming for a topic, it hit me. I’m going to write about the importance of blogging and how it relates to growing an insurance agency. I figured this topic would help me accomplish a few things:   1.) it will teach me why it is important to blog, 2.) it will teach others why it is important to blog, and 3.) it will set me up to be more successful in my future blogging endeavors.

growing an insurance agency

So, the first question I want to answer for myself and all of you is, “Is it important to blog?”. Surprisingly, I have found it is!  There are many reasons why, but I do have a few reasons I would like to discuss more in depth. After much research, below are the 4 main reasons why I think blogging is so critical to your business and I am going to elaborate on these 4 reasons based on what I believe and what I have come to learn.

Help people

I love the first bullet point. And blogging for this reason alone has potential to bring you much success in growing your insurance agency. Blogging can be a way to build trust and relationships.  It’s a great way to reach people with topics that are important to them. It’s a fact, “people like to do business with people they know and trust”. My sales trainer told me this once and it makes perfect sense. Choosing a topic to blog about that has a clear goal of helping others will draw people to you. It will make them feel like you care about them and their success and that is powerful.

Teach yourself

The second bullet point is my second favorite reason why it is important to blog. We all have room to grow and learn. Choosing a topic that you have little knowledge of to blog about may sound dreadful, but it allows you the opportunity to learn. Stay positive. Go for the subjects that require a little research. Be bold. Lifelong learning makes life interesting.  Taking the time to learn about something new is never a waste of time!

Stay connected

No better way to stay connected than to blog frequently and share them with the world. Don’t just blog for your blogging site. Share your blogs on your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, etc. It is important to stay active on the web, especially in today’s fast paced world. Using every opportunity to share your blogs will build awareness of you and your business which is essential to growing an insurance agency.

Have fun

I had to list this last bullet point. We spend a lot of our lives at work. In my job we are encouraged to have fun with each other as well as with our clients. Blogging should be fun too! Making your blogs personal will really help you connect with your readers. Include emotion.  Allow people to relate to you.  Having fun goes a long way towards building the best relationships.

These are just a few of the reasons I think it’s important to incorporate blogging into your business routine. I actually enjoyed writing this and I enjoyed the research as well. You should try it and stick with it. Who knows? You may have as much fun as I did.

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