Commercial insurance is a great way to service a new insurance industry.  Its also and a key component to growing insurance agencies.  The in’s and out’s can be different than Property and Casualty lines of business.  Commercial Business often comes with higher premiums.  And can help you grow your agency.

What you need to know

Commercial policies range from

  • Business Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • General Liability
  • Garage Keepers
  • Directors Liability
  • Much More

Before you get started check out this handy Commercial Insurance Guide

When you write Commercial Lines one of your duties will be to provide Certificates.

What is a Commercial Insurance Certificate Holder?

A Commercial Certificate Holder is simply someone that holds proof of insurance for you.

In some cases there may be one or multiple certificate holders.  Therefore as an agent you will need to provide a certificate to each of these.  The first step is to create the certificate.  It can include one or more policy types depending on the situation.  After its created you need to assign a holder to each certificate.  Holder information can include the Name of the Company, the address, the phone number or more.  Generally a holder will indicate the information they want you to provide.

Jenesis Insurance Agency Management system offers you a variety of solutions to help you manage Commercial Lines Policies.  We give you the ability to print to multiple certificate holders quickly and easily.

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