Agency Workflow from Jenesis Software

If you write P&C Insurance you will most likely write Auto Insurance during your daily agency workflow.  The statement of no other drivers is a standard form.  You use it over and over again, sometimes daily. Before renewal, when writing new business, and sometimes when we re- instate a policy are a few examples.  No matter what the situation you need an easy way to get the document  where it needs to be.

Carriers require insureds to confirm that the only drivers on the policy are the ones listed.  Therefore you will be required to have a signed document confirming this.   It protects the agent and the carriers in the event that there is an accident.

Because of this Jenesis gives you a variety of easy and convenient ways to send this document and get it signed.

Lets look at how

  1.  Print – Print the document and get it signed if the person is in office
  2.  InsureSign – This affordable 3rd party service lets you send documents for electronic signature
  3.  View PDF –  This options lets you view the document in Adobe Reader
  4.   Save to Images – This lets you save the document on the clients profile.  You can then email or text the document to the client

How to access the Statement of No Other Drivers

You will obviously need to know how to get to the statement of no other drivers to make all this happen.  It’s almost too easy.

  1.  Pull up the clients profile
  2.  Click on the policy
  3.  Choose Forms
  4.  Select the Statement of No other Drivers

We’ve even included this handy video to help you along