Jenesis Insurance Agency Management System offers you the ease and convenience of a pre-filled Acord 36 Agent/Broker Record of Change form.

Acord 36 is one of many forms you can print, email or fax that is pre-filled in Jenesis Insurance Agency Management System.

It’s simple.  Enter all client and policy information into Jenesis for an insurance policy and client.  All data you entered automatically transfers to forms you create.  You can choose Acord 36 from the library.  Print, email or fax a copy of the Agent/Broker of Record Change to the prior and new insurance company.  This is just one of the forms you can choose as pre-filled, so we encourage you to try this feature offered by Jenesis.

Jenesis has a complete library of pre-filled and fillable Acord forms, which are applicable to all lines of business. Your agency can choose from Personal and Commerical Lines of business for Acord forms.  In addition, Jenesis offers customized language of forms for your agency. Are you looking for an agency management system that makes your life easier?  Call us for a demo and learn more about what Jenesis has to offer.