Grow your Insurance Agency

There are many ways to grow your insurance agency using your insurance agency management system. Cross-selling to a target group is just one of the many ways. Below is a video of how Jenesis Agency Management System can do this for you. Jenesis provides a report that shows you those customers that rent their home, but do not have renters insurance. This is so helpful!

You will find this report by going to “Reports” on the ribbon of the Jenesis Main Screen, then “Production”, “Marketing”, and selecting the report titled “Auto Policies without Home Policy”. Next, select a date range to access the report. You will then see on the top right of your screen a button that says “Filter for Renter”. This will filter out all customers that you have indicated in Jenesis, either during a quote or at the policy level, who rent their home.

This brings me to my next topic of discussion

During the quoting process, it is very important that you gather as much information as possible from your customer. Be sure not to skip questions such as Email address, whether or not they’re a home owner, and even their mobile carrier. These all play a roll in cross-selling and communicating effectively with your clients. As much detail as possible is critical when the objective is to grow your insurance agency because it makes cross-selling opportunities much easier in the future.