Insurance Agency Management

There are so many reasons why an agency would need a good insurance agency management system, below we dive into the 5 top reasons.

1) Customer Experience: With a couple clicks, you will have all the client policies info, notes, images, company immediately. You will have fewer errors, quicker response time, and the consumer experience is greatly enhanced.

2) Efficiency: The greatest cost to any agency is personnel. When you add one person, you add several thousand dollars of expense annually to the agency. The agency management system should delay the need for additional personnel And when that time occurs to add personnel, it will be for revenue not handling paper.

3) Managing the Book: In short, this means knowing what is going on in the agency and working on your book instead of it working on you. For a small investment, you can manage the book AND be profitable.

4) Future Planning: This subject is critical if you are planning to stay in the business for the long haul. A good agency management system will measure the quote/sales ratio for planning.

5) Marketing and Cross-Selling: no doubt this is important and a good management system will have integrated marketing.

Written by Jeff Thomas