Are you using the Suspense Feature in Jenesis?

If not, you should really start now. A suspense item is a to-do item that can be:

  • Associated with a Policy in Jenesis,
  • Associated with a Client in Jenesis,
  • A personal to-do item, or
  • A professional to-do item

Creating a Suspense at the Policy Level –

  1. Open a client profile in Jenesis.
  2. Now, double- click the policy for which you wish to add a Suspense item.
  3. Once inside the policy, press Ctrl + S. This will open the Suspense screen.

You will notice that the first name, last name, and policy number are prefilled when adding a Suspense item at the Policy Level.

  1. Suspense from will also prefill your name; since you are adding the suspense item.
  2. Suspense to automatically prefills your name; however, if you would like to assign the Suspense item to another Jenesis user, you may select a user from the Drop Down list and that user will be prompted to work the suspense item.
  3. CC allows you to select other Jenesis users that you may want to see a Suspense Item. To select multiple users, press the Ctrl Key and select those users you wish to see the Suspense.
  4. Suspense from date will prefill with today’s date, but you can change it if needed.
  5. Suspense to date – This is important. This is the date you want to set as the review date for the Suspense item. On the date that you select, your Suspense item will display in the Suspense Box on the Jenesis Main Screen for the User assigned as “Suspense to” in Step 5.
  6. Lastly, add a description of your suspense item where provided.
  7. You can print or attach an image to your suspense and then close.

What to do when a Suspense Date arrives and you have a Suspense Item in your Suspense Box on the Jenesis Main Screen –

  1. Double-click the Suspense Item in your Suspense Box.
  2. You can work the item or suspense again to a later date. If you work the item and complete it, you will select your name from the Completed by Jenesis will automatically add the date the suspense is completed, and the Suspense will be removed from your Suspense Box.

Other Suspense Options –

  • To add a Suspense item at the Client level, go to the Client and press Ctrl + S. By adding a suspense at the Client level, there will not be a policy number entered, so use this only when the Suspense pertains to the Client in general and not to a policy.
  • To add a personal or professional Suspense item that will not pertain to a client or policy, press Ctrl + S from the Jenesis Main Screen.
  • Right Click using your mouse inside the Suspense Box on your Jenesis Main Screen for a Menu of things that you can do with Suspense items. Administrators will have a few more options involving all users that non-Administrators will not see.

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