Last week in our meeting with Harvey Smith –, he reminded us of the five ways that people can change. Lisa Price and I thought they were helpful for us, and I wanted to share them with everyone.

1. What you pay attention to grows.

If you think about having more customers, you will have more customers. You should focus your attention on: “I am creating more customers.” If you think about having less customers, you will have less customers. Where you focus your attention is where you get results, good or bad. If you think about having happier customers, you will have more happy customers. Focus your attention on: “I am creating happy customers.”

happy2. Positive emotions build capacity.

If you allow yourself to think and speak negative thoughts and words, you spiral down a path of failure, depression, and low energy. If you look for the positive in everything, you will begin a trend of positive momentum that leads to high energy and success.

3. Anticipate the future.

If you want to reach a goal, it helps to think about the way you want the future to be, and to frame it as if today was that day. For example, if I want to lose 20 pounds, that may take me a few months. I should talk to myself like this: “Today I weigh [desired weight]. What have I done over the last few months to get where I am today? How do I live my life today that allows me to maintain this ‘ideal’ weight?”

4. Inquiries build the foundation for change.

You should ask yourself and others questions. If you want to change, ask why are like you are today in the area that needs to change. Ask what things might be like if you did this or did that today. If you are not getting as much done each day as you would like, and you want to change that, ask yourself, “What are some ways to get more done?”

5. You have the power to choose.

This one is simple. If you think you are a victim of anyone or anything, you will have a hard time making any positive changes in your personal or professional life. When you realize that you are the engineer of your own destiny, you will begin to see the changes you need to make to have the life you are proud of. Positive change begins by taking small steps in the direction you want. You have the freedom to make positive change.


“Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Exceptional.”

Carolina Business Coach would like to acknowledge, some of the content based on:

  • “Appreciative Coaching” by Ann Clancy
  • Brain Based Certification Class, facilitated by Susan Whitcomb