So, things sure have changed over the last few years. When I started creating Jenesis around 1995, I didn’t even have the internet yet and no cell phone. Those two things have changed everything.

Man holding iphone.I love technology and always have. I love and am amazed by what “people” have imagined and created; especially, those cool ideas that have had not only a fun, but useful impact on how we live. I know there are some not-so-great aspects to technology, but bad and negative things are going to always exist around everything, so let’s try to continue to learn how to use technology for the great things it can do and embrace the positives while not letting go of relationships and fellowship with each other.

Anyway, I really want to talk about mobile apps today and give you a list of my favorites, so let’s get started. The below list is in no particular order. Hope you enjoy and I would love to hear your thoughts.

First of all, even though I am still a PC guy, I love my iPad and iPhone. Please don’t judge me. Also, I LOVE the use of folders, because I think staying organized is so important. I don’t like a hundred apps all over my phone in no order, and folders prevent that from happening. So, I will list my main folders and tell you the best of what’s in each folder.

At the bottom of my iPhone, I have Messages, Phone, Mail and Safari. You can, of course, choose what you have down there for quick reference, but those are the apps I use the most. I like to have them on the front and not in a folder.

Personal folder

Calendar: I use my calendar extensively and have it synced with my iPad and PC through my gMail account. My calendar is one of my most used apps. Please add April 12th to your calendar, so you don’t forget my birthday again.

Gift Free: This one is to keep track of gifts. I use it mostly around Christmas, but sometimes use it for birthdays. It is great when you think of a great Christmas gift for someone in June to be able to note it somewhere you will remember to go to later. If you get this app, I would love a few good cigars and a Starbucks gift card.

Camera: This is where I keep my camera app, and I use it a LOT. I love taking pictures and videos. I especially like the new slow motion feature with my iPhone 5S. Check out how cool you can make one of your co-workers look when they are dancing in the halls.

Bible: I use the YouVersion Bible app not every day, but most days. I like that you cannot only start reading plans to help you progress, but also, there are tons of devotionals in the app. Each plan only requires a few minutes of time each day. Many of them will even read to you, if you prefer not to do all the reading yourself. It also provides a really easy option to post something you like to Facebook or Twitter or share with a friend through email or text. Oh, and one really nice feature is the “catch me up” option, when you get behind on a reading plan. I must admit that I have to use this too much.

Aviation folder

This may seem like an odd folder to have, but those of you who know me understand exactly why I have this one. I LOVE to fly and have my commercial pilot’s license, am instrument rated and am a certified flight instructor, so there are several apps that are very useful to me.

The Weather Channel: I know this one could be other places, and the truth is I use it a lot of other times and not just to plan a flight.

Pilot: This is a very specific flight planning app developed by Garmin.

Logbook Pro: This is where I keep track of the hours I fly. I have around 800 hours so far. Let me know if you want to help me add more to that.

FlightAware: This one may be of interest to non-pilots. It is free and allows you to track not only General Aviation flights like mine, but also major airline flights as well.

MyRadar: This is a great weather radar that is much faster to load and show the radar picture than the Weather Channel.

In my next blog post, My Fav Mobile Apps – Part 2, I will continue telling about some amazing apps that I have in the below folders. I would love to know what your favorite apps are, so please share them with me. Thanks for taking the time to read my comments and please return for Part 2.