As the economy continues to struggle, we have seen many independent agencies forced to close their doors. But, we have also seen many not only continue to thrive, but to grow. So what is their secret? There are of course many factors, which can play a part in an agency’s survival and growth: a good location and successful advertising, for example. Customer retention and new business is every agency’s goal. One very important key to achieving that goal is communication.

How cool would it be if your agency management system followed up on every quote for you? Or, how about if your agency management system reminded your existing clients when their insurance was in danger of canceling? Or, up for renewal? Communication like this would go a long way to help you keep the customers you have and to turn quotes into new business. Guess what? Jenesis can do that and much more.

We can help you communicate with your customers in two ways: system letters or post cards and by PhoneTree integration. You can choose which types of communications you would like to send to your clients in Agency Setup’s Communication tab.

All categories available are listed on the left. Check each one you would like to take advantage of in either the Letters column or the Post Card column, depending on which type of paper you wish to use. There are also columns for use with the PhoneTree system. PhoneTree is a piece of outside hardware that requires a one-time purchase and is completely integrated with Jenesis. The PhoneTree system will place phone calls, send text messages, and/or send emails to your clients.


Now lets focus on system letters/postcards, which is built into Jenesis and requires no outside hardware. You will first select the letter or post card categories you wish to implement. Next, you can create your own text, allowing easy customization relative to your agency. To do this, click the Edit button, type in your text and you are ready to communicate with your clients. Remember, you only have to set these up once and Jenesis does the work for you.

When you are ready to print and send them to your clients, just select Forms and Letters from the menu on the Jenesis Main screen. Then, select Print/View from the Customer System Letter option. You will see all categories that are checked for printing. You can uncheck or check any you wish. If you would like to view your letters/postcards before printing click the view button. When you are ready to print, make sure the correct paper is loaded into your printer and click Print on the screen, sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

Good communication is one of the key elements to a healthy and successful relationship with your clients and a thriving business. Communication the Jenesis Way has never been easier. Give it a try today.

If you would like help starting your Communications endeavors, give us a call at 828-245-1171,or visit us via live chat by opening Jenesis and clicking on the link with the handsome guy. Enjoy!