So, if I can stay focused long enough to write this blog and you can stay focused long enough to read it, there may be hope for both of us.

We all want success. The definition of success is different for everyone. To some, it’s money or fame, to others, its freedom to be creative, and to others, it could be just to live another day. I believe that regardless of the success we are looking for, focus is required.

I have tried a lot of things in life with and without being focused, and I can tell you hands down – If you take your eye off the ball, you either swing too late, too early, too high, too low or worst of all, you never swing at all. My Dad had a saying that went something like this – “I know this is the best way, because I have tried it both ways.” I’ve heard my Dad words over the years when making many decisions in life, and I know it’s true, because I have tried many things both ways. His words had a huge impact on me; especially, when it involved something serious like telling the truth for example. If someone tells you how to do something, but they have never done it wrong, how convincing are they? Yep, it’s clearly better to focus.

Ever seen anyone lose focus on a marriage? What about a business? Friendship? I have done it all and most of you have too.

Dave Ramsey has a cool quote that I just love. He says that focused intention, over time, multiplied by God, creates unstoppable momentum. I will say in this blog what he says in his book . . . My point is not to preach about God, even though my belief is that God has had a huge impact in my personal and business successes, my point is that what some people identify as luck, is many times momentum. When good things happen, we often say it was lucky. Take a famous musician for example – we say he was an overnight success. The reality is more times than not, most famous musicians worked really hard for a really long time, and then, possibly mixed in with a little luck, success appeared.

It’s not easy to get focused. It’s even harder to stay focused. The first step is to decide what your focus is. That is not always easy and I’m not sure I can point anyone in the right direction with that one, except to say you should focus on what you are good at. We enjoy doing what we are good at doing. So, figure out what you are good at doing, and DECIDE to focus on doing it better and better every day.

Time management (boy I hate that word) is a critical component of focus. We MUST schedule time to focus on what it is we choose to focus on that will, over time, give us the success we are looking for.

For me, I tend to focus well in cycles, and I think that is great if that is what I am good at. For example, I can focus on one of my two companies, Jenesis Software or Carolina Insurance, or an area of both like marketing, for months at a time and really eat, drink and sleep every aspect. Some may be able to focus for an hour or two here and there throughout the day. That’s awesome if that is how they are wired. I suppose I have “seasonal” focus.

Finally, after you have decided what to focus on and after you have consistently been doing the things every day to move you closer to success, you must check the pulse of your progress. Make sure you are climbing the ladder of success that it is leaning against the right wall. Remember, it’s OK to change your focus when change is called for.

I will close by saying that you will know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, if you are focused or not. If you are happy and if the time slips away from you and if people think you are a little obsessed, you are more than likely on the right path. So, please continue and enjoy!