Agency Management System

How we help Independent Insurance Agencies

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Save Time

Our Agency Management System offers features like Download Capability, J-Links, Pre-filled Acord forms, Automated Notes, System Generated Letters and many more that can help you manage your day right down to the minute.  The less time you spend doing simple tasks the more time you can focus on your customer and growing your business.  Jenesis improves the cost/benefit ratio of the office,  decrease the costs of operating the office by saving time and money, and increases the benefits by minimizing mistakes and by allowing the provision of services in a timely manner.


Save Money

Jenesis is easy and cost effective.  Whether its a cloud environment or a desktop solution, we work with you to fit the needs of your agency.  We offer packages that can be customized by you, for you, whether its premium agency management system services or if you just need the basics.  Computerizing the office data as a luxury we can afford Jenesis will allow you to do more work with greater efficiency.


Increase Revenue

Jenesis provides you with tools that work for your agency.  Building email marketing lists is simple and easy. Jenesis offers your agency a variety of reports to track your quotes, your production ratios and much more.  We integrate with features like electronic signing and marketing automation.  Whatever you need we have it covered.

Growing People and Businesses!!!

  • Let us show you how our agency management & marketing software has made agencies more profitable and efficient.
  • Our team of trainers and support staff works with you and your agency to make sure you are successful.
  • We have licensed insurance agents on staff to help you build a growing business.
  • Let us spend 45 minutes online with you for a free, no-obligation, no-pressure, one-on-one demo.