All-in-One Insurance Agency Management

Fast, efficient and affordable for independent insurance agencies. Manage everything from clients to marketing.

Features That Fit Your Agency

Hundreds of features and functions that can be customized around your specific Agency and processes.

Automated Marketing

Send direct mail from the system and utilize our survey tools.


Use our J-Books system to manage accounts, track commissions, etc.

Quote Control

Manage marketing for every quote – thank referrals, send postcards or letters, and more.


 Pull instant reports on production, renewals, CSR efficiency, and more.

Images and Scanning

Go paperless. File by customer or by transaction.

Direct Texts and Emails

 Text or email an insured right from their profile screen.

Comparative Rater

Just the rater that works best for you. Comparative Rater options for several states.

Electronic Signature

Integrates with InsureSign for quick and easy signatures.

Email Integration

Integrate seamlessly with Gmail or Outlook Email to send and receive emails right in your clients file.

“This software works with 90% of all the companies that we write with and has every report possible to keep up with our proficiency, quoting, employee records, QuickBooks integration, training new employees, quoting, payment records and so many more.”

Jennifer Elliott, Owner, A-1 Auto Insurance

Why Choose Jenesis?

  • Write More New Business
  • Email Integration
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Reduced E&O Exposure
  • Increased Retention
  • Cloud-Based
“Since the implementation of the Jenesis Software, our agency has now become more productive and efficient in meeting our customers’ needs…Whether you’re an established agency or a start up one, we highly recommend Jenesis Software.”

Daruis McJimpson, Agent, Teamworks Insurance Agency