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Jenesis features several products that can streamline your agency so you can focus on your growing business!
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JenesisNow web-based insurance agency management system
Our completely web-based software is designed to help you manage existing clients, market to potential prospects, increase efficiency and build strong relationships with your policyholders. Access your clients anytime, anywhere and from any device.
JenesisWeb agency website design
Insurance agency websites that drive business and increase revenue. Low setup fees and even lower monthly rates. Insurance websites made by insurance marketing professionals. We manage your website for you.
JenesisReach agency SEO solutions & social media management
Search marketing programs that increase your agency’s online visibility, organic search traffic, and gain higher keyword rankings while incorporating social media management services to generate more reviews and customer followers.
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“Your rater, your images, your reports, everything you need is in just one place and once you get it in that one place your life is just so much easier. All you have to do is just click a button and you’ve got what you need. It’s just that easy.”
– Tiffany Dunston, The Insurance Doctor


“As the industry changes, as our needs change, they’re changing as well. And they’re listening to us.” 
– Miles Butler, Able Auto Insurance


“After you get involved with it and see the level of support that Jenesis brings, there is no comparison.  Once you learn how to utilize the system it empowers you to go through your day to day routine.  It’s your management sytem, your accounting and your marketing.  I view Jenesis as a partner.  If you don’t have Jenesis you are missing out.”
– Jonathan Nations, Lexington, NC