PhoneTree  provides a way to keep your clients “in the know” when it comes to their policy information.  Simply purchase or lease the PhoneTree device and for a low monthly fee, we help you format the program and even guide you in setting up your messages.  PhoneTree can make calls, send text messages or emails.  Setup is easy and the customer hears a personal message from you or one of your staff.  Sending important information has never been easier.  Send messages regarding:

  • Additional Premiums
  • Better Auto Rates
  • Birthdays
  • Medical Supplements
  • Welcome Calls
  • Non Renewals
  • Pending Cancellations
  • Quote Follow Ups
  • Quote Referrals
  • Client Referrals
  • Quote Remarketing
  • Renewals


* This product incurs additional charges outside the standard monthly fee.