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Insurance Agency Website Features Overview

Mobile Specific Site Features

Automatic Mobile Device Detection
Our insurance agency websites are mobile responsive and automatically detect the screen size of a mobile device visiting your site. This allows you website pages to be sized optimally for each visitor’s screen. Our sites have been tested on the major devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android and more.

Mobile Web Statistics
We monitor mobile users and provide you with statistics on the number of mobile visitors to your website and the pages they view.

Click to Call Phone #s
Phone numbers can be dialed from a smart phone by simply tapping the number on the screen. Visitors do not need to remember or cut and paste the number when dialing your agency.

Built-In Forms
Request A Quote and Contact forms can be submitted by mobile device users. The forms, like the rest of the site, conform to the screen size of the visitor’s mobile device.

Custom Mobile Website Pages
Pages that are great for visitors on desktop computers are not always optimal for users on smart phones. We create content that is designed for different device types to give visitors the best presentation of your website.