Why should I use PhoneTree?

If you already have a PhoneTree device and you are signed up for the service with Jenesis there are no additional costs associated.    You can send unlimited text messages, phone calls and emails to your customers.

PhoneTree helps you communicate with your customers, keeping them informed and making sure you are providing them with the best service possible, while saving time.

Another advantage is that it helps promote your brand versus the client getting a call or letter from the Company instead of your agency.

When used with Jenesis, PhoneTree can send calls, emails and texts about:

  • Additional Premium
  • Found you a Better Rate
  • Happy Birthday
  • Medical Supplement
  • Welcome to New Customers
  • Pending Cancel
  • Thanks for the Quote Referral
  • Recent Quote Follow Up
  • Past Quote Re-market
  • Renewal Reminder
  • Non-Renewal Notice

The best part is that you can personalize your own messages and when its making calls, its your voice and not someone elses.

That about sums it up.  We have used PhoneTree for years and its really helped us keep customers and bring in new ones.




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