Explain the updates to Commission Manager and users to now include bonus values

Updated Commission Manager and users to include bonus values within JenesisNow

JenesisNow – Updated Commission Manager and users to include bonus values

We have enhanced the commission tracking capabilities inside of JenesisNow. This will help track your agents’ EFTs and multiple policies if you would like to give bonuses or awards to your agents.

To view this material, go to the Account section in their user profile and then to the commission’s card. In this section, this is where you can add EFT and multiple policies bonus amounts. After you have entered this information, make sure to select save.

Go to the left-sided vertical toolbar, hover over TOOLS, and select commission to bring up a commission manager pop-up. In this pop-up, select the blue button, Enter Commission Statement Detail, to bring up the window to add the commission statement details. Enter the policy number, which will auto-fill the information for the policy, and then you will need to enter the information regarding the commission statement information. The assigned producers are automatically filled in; therefore, you will need to fill in the missing information and select either EFT or Multiple Policies, or both. After you have filled in all the needed information, click the green save button.

All of this information will be able to be pulled in a commission statement detailed report for easy viewing.

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