What is a Inland Marine Policy within JenesisNow?

Introducing Inland Marine Policy Screen within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Inland Marine Policy

Introducing our new inland marine policy screen. Enjoy this overview of what is on the inland marine policy screen.

Create a new inland marine policy the same way you create all other policies by clicking the plus sign “+” in the upper right corner of the policy section. The inland marine screen will look very similar to other policy screens, where you can enter policy information, premiums, and numbers. Lower down, there is specific information for inland marine policies.

The first card box is the Summary Information section; click the plus sign “+” in the box’s upper right corner. Here, you’ll enter information about descriptions, locations, addresses, building numbers, class codes, sub-class, whether the item is scheduled, the number of items, the valuation type, max value, and co-insurance.

Click the plus sign “+” in the upper right corner to add more coverage details. Within this pop-up window, enter more information, such as schedule number, policy level, coverage code, description, limit, limit applies to, deductible, deductible type, option code, co-insurance, or any other comments. There is also a section to delete schedules in the bottom left of the pop-up window.

The next card under the Summary Information card is Additional Interests. Click the plus sign “+” in the upper right corner to add additional interests. Then a pop-up window will appear where you can put in additional interest type, name or additional lien holders, loan number, lien amount, interest item rank, and comments. There is also the same section at the bottom left to delete additional interests.

The card next to Summary Information is Equipment storage. In this section, you can add the location number, building number, months, max value inside and outside, type of security system, extra comments, and the option to delete any additional equipment.

The last card below the Equipment storage is the Specifically Scheduled items card. In this section, you can add schedule number, item number, description, manufacturer, model, year, item value, exclusive blanket, owned/leased, new/used, co-insurance, id serial number, amount of insurance, extra comments, and the option to delete any scheduled items.

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