What is the Garage and Dealers Policy within JenesisNow?

Garage and Dealers Policy within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Garage and Dealers Policy

JenesisNow is now offering a new policy type, Garage and Dealers policy.

To add a new policy, click the plus sign on the policy section, which opens a pop-up window where you will select the policy to be managed. In the select component section, type in garage, and you will see the garage and dealers policy is now a choice. Select garage and dealer and click the green select button to create this policy.

Inside this policy, the top section is standard information like other policies inside Jenesis, but below this section is where it is specific to garage and dealer. In this section, you can input Business/Vehicle Storage information with a Yes or No to options such as Repair Shop, Mobile Home Trailer Dealer, Service Station, Commercial Trailer Dealer, Storage/Garage/Public Parking.

The following section is where you may enter Locations/Rremises. To do this, click the plus sign at the top of this section. Then enter all pertinent information for this policy and click the green close button at the bottom of the page.

The following section below is the Coverages section. This is where you can add coverage limit, deductible, and premium.

Then to the right is the section for Auto Dealers where you can enter select information such as Franchised (yes or no), Car, Truck-Tractor, Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicle, Snowmobile, or Other(here you can put in your custom type), and percents for each selection.

Below is the Vehicle Storage section, where you can input it as Building, Standard Open Lot, Non-Standard Open Lot, and the percentage of each.

The last section below is for Driver’s information. To add information, click the plus sign, fill in any relevant information for the drivers, and select the green close button when completed.

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