What is a Commercial Earthquake Policy within JenesisNow?

Commercial Earthquake Policy within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Commercial Earthquake Policy

We have added a new policy type to JenesisNow, the Commercial Earthquake policy.

To add this policy, go to the Policies Card in the client view screen and click the plus sign. This will bring up the manage policy components pop-up window. In this window, click on the select component section and start typing earthquake. Notice there are two options, commercial and personal; we only had the personal earthquake policy before this update.

Choose the Earthquake – Commercial option, then go to the bottom and click the green Select button to bring up the commercial earthquake policy. The top section of the policy is your standard information which you would see in other policies within JenesisNow.

Below this section, you may enter Locations/Premises by clicking on the plus sign, and then fill in the given information and click the green close button at the bottom right. The following section is Additional Insured. To add information, click the plus sign, enter the data needed, and click the green close button. Last, enter any mortgage information for this policy.

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