What is the Automatic Suspense Option for a New Business within JenesisNow?

Automatic Suspense Option for New Business within JenesisNow

JenesisNow – Automatic Suspense Option for New Business

We have added a feature that will prompt you to create a suspense when the policy status is marked active.

For this to work, you will need to make sure it is turned on for it to work. To do this, go to the Angecy Locations, click on the agency, and then go to the Location Option section, and make sure the Auto Suspense – New Business is turned On; if not, click the Off button next to it to switch it to On.

Go to the dashboard, and then select a client to go to the client view. Inside the client view in the policy section, if a policy status is marked pending, click on it. Inside the policy, if you switch the policy to active and then click the green Save Files button in the top right, a pop-up will appear asking, “Enter Suspense? Do you want to enter a suspense for this newly active policy?” Select the green yes button, and then it will automatically have you check any new business with the suspense, and then click the green Save Suspense button. This information will appear in the suspense section and also in your suspense list.

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