What are the Features of JenesisNow?

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In the dashboard of JenesisNow, in the blue ribbon menu, you may find integration with Formstack or DocuSign (to help with your electronic signature needs), a Time Clock (to keep up with your team members’ time), Client Quick Add (to add clients quickly into the system), Texting, J-Mail (for interoffice communication), Accord Forms (with prefiling accords and a certificate library), IVANS Markets, Calendar (to share events), and Advanced Search (to search for a client or business by any name).

Within the main dashboard, you may customize the page to fit your needs and use client files that are easy to navigate and customize. Use Policy Management with custom policy types and suspense reminders, two-way email integration, receipts with fee automation, and professional invoices which can be emailed straight from the system.

The JenesisNow system automatically downloads updates every 10 minutes and processes every 5 minutes.

Use Critical Notes and Critical Suspenses to have them in red and at the top of the page to help remind you they needed to be completed, and once completed, they will no longer be in red or at the top of the page.

There are powerful media files, which include soundbites, pictures, or videos. Real-time linking to carriers sites and finance companies, built-in rater for home and auto, ability to add producers that are not used for tracking purposes only.

Use the Accounting features with the ability to hold multiple accounts. Check Register with each account, end-of-day draw count, and commission tracking (downloads commissions from your carriers or use the manual entry option).

We also have Custom and Pre-filled Default Reports to allow more flexibility, voice-over IP Integration, Online credit card payments, Simply Easier Payments, and WeSignature Payments.

Use the Client Portal to get basic information such as policies, payment history, ID cards, and certificates of insurance.

JenesisNow system includes full training for your team and additional training videos when adding new team members.

Reach out today to get your one-on-one demo scheduled. One of our sales associates is ready to take your call at 828-245-1171.

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