How do I View a Memo as a PDF or Save it to Images?

Jenesis Agency Management System lets you easily create letters and templates to send to your customers directly from the client or the policy level.  We also give you the ability to email, text, save to images and view as PDF.  These options give you flexibility to send documents and store them for later use.

To access the memo and use these features follow these steps

Step 1:  Go to the Client Profile or the Policy
Step 2:  From the Client Level click Tools, From the Policy Level click Forms
Step 3:  Select Memo
Step 4:  Create your Memo including who it goes to and the content.  Don”t forget you can create templates in the Select Pre-Written Memo option
Step 5:  To Email or Text select the Send Email or Text button.  To View as PDF or Save to Images select View & Print Letter

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