How do I make critical notes pop up on a clients profile?

I can’t tell you how many times in the Insurance Biz I have needed to see critical information on a customers account.  Particularly if they are in the office.  I can handle the situation right then.

Jenesis makes it easy.

Step 1:  Set up your User Profile to show critical notes first.  This has to be done by an Adminstrator.

Go to Utilities, Click User Setup (or hit Ctrl-U from the main screen)

Look for Settings and Check the Box that says “Show Critical Notes First”

Step 2:  Make the note in Jenesis and make it critical

Pull up a Client Profile or Policy and click ‘Note Entry’

Type in your Note and Check the box that says ‘Critical’

Step 3:   Make sure your agents know to look at them.  I know I’ve just breezed by them and not paid attention.  The reason you make a note critical is that …well, its critical

Step 4:  Once its no longer important uncheck the ‘Critical’ box so it no longer shows up.  This helps keep you organized and on top of the game.


Sit back, relax, and watch your efficiency improve

For video instructions see below

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