JenesisNow Dashboard Configuration FAQ

JenesisNow Dashboard Configuration

Notice the blue and white boxes that make up your dashboard page. There is a large empty box at the bottom of the screen (you may have to scroll down), containing a large plus sign.

If you click this plus sign, you’ll receive a pop-up containing potential dashboard boxes you may choose to add.

In any of the category boxes on the dashboard, you may select the cogwheel (settings). A pop-up will appear, in which you may select the box size, the policy owner, date ranges, status, and number to show. Make your selections and click the green Save button.

Clicking the title of the box will allow you to rename the box.

Boxes may be rearranged by clicking the light blue stripe at the top of each box and drag it to a new location within the dashboard window.

Reveal the names for the list of Icons along the left side of the screen by clicking on the “hamburger” at the top. The dark blue bar containing the icon titles will expand.

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