How Do I Enter a Life or Health Policy in JenesisClassic?

Have you been wondering where to enter the pertinent details of a new Life, Health, Dental, or Group Policy for your clients?

This quick tutorial shows how to enter a new life or health insurance policy in Jenesis Classic.

Beginning from the Client Main Screen, select the Life/Health tab toward the center of the screen.

Click the Add Policy button toward the bottom left of that box. A Policy screen will open, which is where you’ll enter the following information:

Company through which you’re writing the policy
Policy number
Line & Type of business
Premium and the Term
Producer information
Coverage information

  • Notice the boxes toward the top right of this policy screen. These are available for custom information related to health or life policies that were done mid-term.

To enter Coverage information, select the “Coverages” button. In this new window, you may enter details about the life and health policy including:

Policy number
Group number
Medicare supplemental number
Plan name (use the drop down if necessary)
Effective & Expiration dates
Coverage amounts
Premium & Payment terms – the program will calculate your monthly payment

If entering a Life Insurance Policy, enter beneficiary details.

With a Health Policy, navigate to the Dependents tab, where the children’s’ and spousal information, plus any comments should be entered.

If you’re working on a Group Policy, select the Group tab at the top. Within this window, select which types of coverage are included in this policy. You may enter the rates, commission, employee, employee spouse, etc.

If adding a dental plan, you may enter whether it includes orthodontics and the coverage values for preventative, basic, and major services.

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