Is there a J-Link for Heritage Insurance?

The Jenesis Insurance Agency Management System lets you access your Heritage Insurance Policy Information quickly and easily with J-Links. Your carrier information has never been more accessible.

To Set Up the J-Link

Step 1:  From the Main Screen select Utilities and Company Setup
Step 2:  Add Heritage Insurance as a Company (make sure to select Insurance Company in the type field and add any additional information)
Step 3:  Hit Ctrl-W on the keyboard and Setup your J-Link including Location, Company, User, Agency Code, Username, Password, and Website URL
Note:  Heritage requires a J-Link entry for each user in Jenesis

To use the J-Link

Step 1:  Access the Client Profile and the Policy
Step 2:  Click the globe and it should log you in to the website and take you to the policy
Note:  Some browsers may require you to add this website to compatibility view settings.

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