How Do I Use The Client General Tab in JenesisClassic?

If you’ve ever been unsure what the Client General screen is for within the Commercial Lines policy area, this video is for you!

Quickly learn what information is housed in the Client General tab and how it’s useful.

JenesisClassic – Client General Tab

Beginning from the Client Main Screen, select the Commercial Lines tab toward the center of the screen and double click one of the policies.

The next screen will show tabs at the top entitled Policy General, Client General, Location, Umbrella, and Premium Finance.

Select the Client General tab. It contains general information about the client’s commercial business. Complete your client’s business information including description, their website, business start date, inspection contact, and accounting contact details. By selecting the “Use from Main Screen” button beside the Inspection and Accounting Records Contacts, information will be automatically populated.

The lower boxes should contain all the information about the businesses’ locations and policy history. Scroll down within the Prior History box to complete prior Commercial General Liability policies, Commercial Auto Liability policies, Commercial Property, Commercial Other policies such as Workers Comp or B&O, and Loss History.

When and if you were to write a new policy for this client, the Client General tab and any existing information within this page would be automatically imported into the new policy. This way, you only enter this information once.

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