How to Use JenesisNow for Your Life & Health Clients?

Using JenesisNow for Your Life & Health Clients

JenesisNow- Using JenesisNow for your Life & Health Clients

On the JenesisNow dashboard, you will find many things to help your day. There is integration with FormStack, WeSignature, and DocuSign for your electronic signature needs, a time clock, client quick add, text messaging, J-mail (communication for your team members), calendar, client search, an advanced search, a clients list. The dashboard is also customizable so you can put only the things important to you and your day in view.

You will find it easy to navigate and customize for your clients in the client view. You can rearrange the cards and add or subtract cards as needed to suit your needs.

You will have a data import, where you can easily import leads or customers into your system. It is easy to rewrite a policy or update an existing policy. Suspense reminders that show up on the client level and on the dashboard on the day they are due. Suspenses that appear on the client view and dashboard stay there until they are completed. Critical suspenses appear in red, so you do not miss urgent matters. Create notes easily with time-date stamps and the ability to add media files to the notes.

Two-way email integration and powerful media files will allow you to drag and drop, upload locally, or scan a document (including PDFs, pictures, soundbites, video clips, etc.). You can add users as producers only, which can be used for tracking purposes.

Accounting, with the ability to hold multiple accounts and have a check register for each account. There is also the ability to export to QuickBooks, a local export. There is the ability to print checks on blank stock inside the system. Online credit card integration payments through Simply Easier Payments or WeSignature Payments will transfer your receipt information directly to your provider, allowing you to run the card and complete the transaction.

Commission tracking, with up to three producer’s commissions per policy. Commissions will automatically download from your carriers, or you can manually enter them.

Custom reports that allow you the flexibility to see what you need the first time, with lots of filter options. Custom policy types allow you to add them to the system.

Marketing automation, emails, and text messages will automatically touch customers and prospects how they desire to be communicated with, which can easily be set up at the client level when adding your client into the system. There is Voice-Over IP integration to easily pull up the clients’ information when they call in, or you call out.

The system will include a full training program for you and your current team members and access to training videos for new team members when needed. Pick up the phone and call us at (828) 245 – 1171 to set up a one-on-one demo to see how JenesisNow can help you and your agency.

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