How to use J-Rater (NC only) within JenesisNow?

Using J-Rater (NC only) within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Using the J-Rater (NC only)

This video will show how to use the J-Rater to rate a policy in JenesisNow.

Go to the client you would like to rate. In the client view screen, locate the orange fields; if these are not present, your rating may not be on; therefore, reference the rating setup video. There are more orange fields on the policy level, so it is easier to see if their rating is set up. All orange fields must be filled in for rating, so make sure they are filled in, and if they are missing, then the rater will let you know what values need to be filled in.

Go to the Policies card, select a quote, and notice more orange fields than on the client view. Clicking on a vehicle and a driver on the Personal Auto Policy screen will require more orange fields to be filled in.

Back on the Personal Auto Policy screen, go to the top of the screen and click on the orange J-Rate button bringing up a pop-up window with the carriers enabled. Select the carriers you want to receive rates for in this pop-up window, then click the green Rate Policy button. Then this will reach out to all the carriers selected and return rates for each.

A J-Rate Request screen will appear on your screen with rates returned from the carriers. To bridge to the specific quote, go to the right side of the quote in the Action column and click the green button.

To look at previous quotes, close this screen by clicking the X button in the top-right corner and then click the orange J-Rate button at the top of the Personal Auto Policy, bringing up the J-Rate pop-up window. Then click the blue Previous Quote button bringing up rates previously quoted, and then you can also bridge to those quotes by clicking on the green button in the Action column. (Note: some bridges might not work because some carriers put expiration dates on their previous quotes.)

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