How to Setup your Location within JenesisNow?

Setup your Location within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Location Setup

First, go to the vertical left-side menu, hover over Agency, and click All Locations bringing up the Agency Locations page. When starting, you will have at least one location setup, but to add a location, go to the top-right corner and click the blue Add Agency Location. To make edits to the Agency Location, click on the location desired, which will take you to the Edit Agency Location page.

The Location Info, Address, Payment Types, Location Fees, and States you do business cards are on the left side of the Edit Agency Location page.

–In the Location Info card, ensure you have all this information filled out, including the correct timezone for your agency’s location.
–The Address Card, both mailing and physical address, needs to be filled in.
–The Payments Types card has several choices already pre-installed, but if you would like to add a payment type, simply click the blue Add Payment Type inside this card (note: payment types must have unique names, not matching any other payment or fee types).
–The Location Fees card has several fees already pre-installed, but you can also add other fee types by using the Add Fee Type button at the top. Fees can also be tied to payment types using the payment section link. There is also a Fee Consent Form that can be added to the Fees card section.
–The bottom card is where you include where your agency does business; this is an important section to ensure all states are listed where your agency does business.

In the center section of the Edit Agency Location, at the top is the Location Marketing Card; below this section is the Accounting – Receipt Processing Card.

On the right side of the Edit Agency Location page are the Location Logo card, Media/Files card, Notes card, Integrated Accounts, and Location Options.

–To add a logo, click the plus sign in the top right corner of the location logo card; this will take you to the Media page. On the media page, go to the Upload Media card, and click on the box next to Save As Logo, which will bring up a pop-up asking, “Adding a logo will replace any existing logos. Continue?” To this question, select okay, then drag and drop your files or select them using the blue Click Here to Select a File or scan them in. When done, this logo will be in your Location Logo on the Edit Agency Location.
–In the Integrated Account section is the SEP (Simply Easier Payments Account) and WeSignature Payments, which will have to be set up outside of JenesisNow to set up credit card payments.
–The Location Option card has several choices that can be tailored to your agency’s needs. Red question marks are next to each, giving details on each selection. Several e-document signatures can integrate with JenesisNow, which can be set up. Then other options in the Location Option Card are Enable Policy Cancellations, a Time Clock, Email Integration, Automatic Fees, Download Update Address, Auto Suspense – New Business, and Prefer Business Name.

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