How to Setup Two-Way Text Integration within JenesisNow?

Setting up Two-Way Text Integration within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Two-Way Text Integration

To set up two-way text integration, start inside a client profile with a mobile number associated with the account. Next, locate the green text/email button at the top of the Info card, which also can be found at the top of the policy view; click this green text/email button.

In the new window that appears, create the message you would like to send via text in the message box and add a subject for the text inside the subject box. Then go to the bottom of the window and locate the blue rectangle button that states, Send Text; click this button to send your text message.

In the notes section in the client profile, you will notice the text message and the time it was sent. If the client responds to the text message, it also appears in the notes section.

You can create a dashboard card on the main dashboard to show when text messages have come in. This is done by clicking on the plus sign inside an empty dashboard card and selecting Inbound Texts.

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