How to Setup the J-Rater for a carrier (NC only)?

Setting up the J-Rater for a carrier (NC only) within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Setting up the J-Rater for a carrier (NC only)

This video will show you how to set up the J-Rater for a carrier.

First, go to your profile by going to the top blue menu ribbon, selecting your profile, and then clicking the blue Profile button bringing up the User’s page. On this page, click the Credentials tab at the top-left of the screen, and then click the plus sign on the Credentials card in the top-right bringing up a pop-up Credential window. In the first field, Type, select J-Rater, then in the following fields below, type in your username and password for that carrier, select the Location the company belongs to, and select the company in the next field. Fill in your Agency Code in the next field, enter any Notes needed, and click the green Save button.

To help others in your agency to set up their credentials, you will need to view their profile, click on their Credentials tab, click on the plus sign, then fill in the fields in the Credential pop-up window just like before, and then push the green save button. After this is done, you can get rates using the J-rater.

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