How to Merge Duplicate Lienholders within JenesisNow?

Merge Duplicate Lienholders within JenesisNow

JenesisNow- Merge Duplicate Lienholders

We have now created a feature to merge lienholders, so if you made a mistake and created two, it will merge them into one lienholder rather than having them in twice.

On the lienholders page, click on one of the lienholder’s files that must be merged. The Editing Lienholder page will appear in the merge lienholder card on this page, select from the drop-down menu the duplicate lienholder, and then click the merge lienholder’s button. This will bring a pop-up question, “Are you sure? This cannot be undone.” to this question, select OK.

If you go back to your lienholder list, you will now see that the lienholder is only on the list once. On this page, you also can filter by the status of All (active and merged files), active, or merged files only.

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